Ila's first month

I'm a little bit late (39 days to be exact) on posting the update but...

Ila was born the 21st of September 2022, at 10h13 in the morning.

Her size was 50cm with a birth weight of 3.44kg.

Little Ila smiling.

As it's been over a month now and the dust is settling (and we're getting the hang of parenting)... Ila and her mommy are doing splendid, and she's growing massively (at the current growth rate she'll likely be the tallest person on earth).

Keppel Bay, Shan and Ila, when my mom was visiting.

We do not have a gift/wish list, as we're fortunate enough to have received most of what we needed in terms of clothing, baby toys and items for new mothers from friends and family. For those wanting to make a small gesture, please check the donate page.