We immensely appreciate you're willing to donate for Ila's birth.

However, we believe there are many kids who need your help a thousand times more than Ila.

The war in Ukraine has left many innocent kids hurt, homeless, without family, and with a crippled future.  Please consider helping them instead.

If you still want to donate some money for Ila's education fund, the following methods are available:

Bank transfers

Country Bank Account or IBAN BIC/Swift Bank
BE BE59 0829 0357 4626 GKCCBEBB Belfius
SG 046-170368-8 DBSSSGSG DBS

When donating, please include your name.

Paynow or Paylah (SG)

+65 9225 0750


If you wish to donate to Ukrainian kids instead, please consider donating to any or all of these institutions instead: